Isolator Module ISO-X Notifier.

Spesifikasi Isolator Module ISO-X Notifier

Normal operating voltage: 15 – 32 VDC (peak).
Standby current: 450 A (not isolating) .
Maximum current draw: 17 mA (device in isolation, LED
latched in alarm).
Temperature range: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C).
Relative humidity: 10% to 93% (non-condensing).
Weight: 5 oz. (150 grams).
Dimensions: 4.5”H x 4.5”W x 0.25” D (11.43 cm H x
11.43 cm W x 0.635 cm D).

isolator module iso x notifier
Isolator Module ISO-X Notifier Feature

Powered by SLC loop directly, no external power required. • Base mounts on standard junction boxes (4.0″/10.16 cm square by 2.125″/5.398 cm deep). • Integral LED blinks to indicate normal condition. Illuminates steady when short circuit condition is detected. • High noise (EMF/RFI) immunity. • Wide viewing angle of LED. • SEMS screws with clamping plates for ease of wiring. • Opens SLC loop automatically on detection of short, preventing the short from causing failure of the entire loop. • Automatically resets on correction of short. • Supports Style 4, 6, or 7 wiring.

Fungsi Isolator Module ISO-X Notifier

Isolator Module ISO-X Notifier harus diletakkan diantara group sensor pada jaringan loop untuk memproteksi semua jalur pada loop tersebut. produk ini dapat mensupport maximal 25 peralatan diantara isolator, kecuali saat menggunakan base atau IPX multisensor. Sirkuit secara otomatis akan terbuka saat voltase tekanan turun dibawah empat volt. Isolator Module ISO-X Notifier secara otomatis kembali ke kondisi normal saat short sirkuit pada jaringan sudah hilang.

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