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Notifier Photoelectric Smoke Detector Addressable FSP-851 With Base


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Stok 6


Spesifikasi Notifier Photoelectric Smoke Detector Addressable :

• Sleek, low-profile design.
• Addressable-analog communication.
• Stable communication technique with noise immunity.
• Low standby current.
• Two-wire SLC connection.
• Compatible with FlashScan® and CLIP protocol systems.
• Rotary, decimal addressing (1-99 on CLIP systems, 1-159 on FlashScan systems).
• Optional remote, single-gang LED accessory.
• Dual LED design provides 360° viewing angle.
• Visible bi-color LEDs blink green every time the detector is addressed, and illuminate steady red on alarm (FlashScan systems only).
• Remote test feature from the panel.
• Walk test with address display (an address on 121 will blink the detector LED: 12-[pause]-1(FlashScan systems only).
• Built-in functional test switch activated by external magnet.
• Built-in tamper-resistant feature.
• Sealed against back pressure.
• Constructed of off-white fire-resistant plastic, designed to commercial standards, and offers an attractive appearance.
• 94-5V plastic flammability rating.
• SEMS screws for wiring of the separate base.
• Optional relay, isolator, and sounder bases.

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