Manual Stations Simplex

Spesifikasi Manual Stations Simplex

Wire Connections: Screw terminal for in/out wiring, for 18 to 14 AWG wire
UL Listed Temperature Range : 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C) intended for indoor operation
Humidity Range : Up to 93% RH at 100° F (38° F)
Housing Color : Red with white raised lettering
Material : Housing and pull lever are Lexan ® polycarbonate or equal
Pull Lever Color : White with red raised lettering
Housing Dimensions : 5” H x 3-3/4” W x 1” D (127 mm x 95 mm x 25 mm)

Manual Stations Simplex Single Double Operation

Manual fire alarm stations for general purpose applications:
• Operation complies with ADA requirements
• Pull lever protrudes when alarmed
• Break-rod is supplied (use is optional)
• Screw terminals for wiring connections
• Tamper resistant reset key lock (keyed same as Simplex® fire alarm cabinets)
Operation types include:
• Single action
• Double Action, Breakglass or Push Type
• Institutional Model, key operated only
• Optional Local Alarm cover
• Optional pre-signal and annunciator contacts Multiple mounting options:
• Surface or semi-flush with standard boxes or matching
Simplex boxes
• Flush mount adapter kit

Fungsi Manual Stations Simplex

Manual Stations Simplex adalah perangkat dalam instalasi fire alarm yang berfungsi sebagai perangkat input manual yang ditekan oleh orang yang berada di area tersebut saat melihat adanya kebakaran. Dari input tersebut maka fire alarm bisa langsung aktif tanpa menunggu detektor yang bekerja. Sehingga bisa segera mengambil tindakan untuk memadamkan kebakaran menggunakan alat pemadam api yang tersedia atau melakukan evakuasi diri maupun barang.

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