Alarm Bell Secutron.

Spesifikasi Alarm Bell Secutron
  • Low current draw (20 mA)
  • 6 and 10 inch diameter steel shells for long term reliability
  • RFI and EMF suppression prevents noise problems to the fire alarm control panel
  • Polarized for DC supervision
  • Pigtail connection
  • Standard 4 inch square electrical box mounting
  • Weatherproof backbox available for outdoor applications
  • Red finish
Alarm Bell Secutron
Alarm Bell Secutron BL-6B

Mircom’s BL-6B and BL-10B Motorized Steel Bells are designed for today’s fie alarm applications. The durable steel construction provides loud resonant tones

necessary for fie alarm installations. The BL-6B and BL-10B bells use a varistor suppression element to prevent RFI and EMF noise problems to modern fie alarm control panels. The motor used on the BL-6B and BL-10B bells operate at a very low current (20 mA) to maximize the number of bells per circuit. Both models are equipped with a pigtail connection for wiring. Both the BL-6B and BL-10B mount on a standard 4” square electrical box for indoor use or on a BB-206WP weatherproof backbox for outdoor applications. Mounting on a 4” octagon outlet box requires the MP-101 Universal Mounting Plate.

Fungsi Alarm Bell Secutron

Alarm Bell Secutron merupakan perangkat dalam instalasi fire alarm yang berfungsi untuk notifikasi bunyi. Alarm bell ini menandakan bahwa fire alarm aktif sehingga orang-orang dapat segera melakukan evakuasi diri maupun barang-barang berharga lainnya. Selain alarm bell, perangkat lain yang berfungsi sebagai output dalam instalasi fire alarm adalah indicator lamp. Berbeda dengan alarm bell, indicator lamp mengindikasikan alarm aktif dengan mengeluarkan sinyal berupa lampu LED yang menyala sebagai keterangan visual.

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