Annunciator Fire Alarm Secutron.

Spesifikasi Annunciator Fire Alarm Secutron
  • Designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 72
  • UL 864 listed and CSFM listed
  • 80-character (4 x 20) backlit LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • Six common system status lights: Alarm (red), Supervisory (yellow), Trouble (yellow), Monitor (yellow), AC On (green), and Ground Fault (yellow)
  • Four system hotkeys for Ack, Silence, Reset, and Lamp Test
  • Access-controlled Silence and Reset hotkeys – require the keyswitch to be in the “enable” position
  • Four sets of scroll keys for Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble and Monitor
  • Up to eight MR-2644 annunciators can be connected to the MR-2100, MR-2200 or MR-2900 Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • User-programmable supervision addresses (eight options)
  • Available in red or white trim to suit any installation
  • Suitable for flush mounting into a standard five gang device box or surface mounting with optional MR-2644-SM back box
annunciator fire alarm secutron
Annunciator fire alarm secutron MR-2644

The MR-2644 LCD Annunciator allows you to monitor and control compatible Fire Alarm Control Panels from anywhere within your facility. Up to eight MR-2644’s, each set to a unique user programmable ID, can be connected to each FACP. A single MR-2644 can be as far as 9000 feet (2.7 km) from the control panel.

annunciator fire alarm secutron
Annunciator fire alarm secutron MR-2300-LCDR

The MR-2300-LCDR provides LCD remote annunciation through a 2 line by 20 character LCD display. The MR-2300-LCDR provides control switches for System Reset, Signal Silence, Fire Drill and Acknowledge as well as a numeric keypad to access the menu functions. The common control functions can be disabled on a per function basis. The MR-2300-LCDR has LED indicators for A.C. On, Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble and CPU Fail. The MR-2300-LCDR comes complete with a red enclosure and a CAT-30 Lock and key. Note: ULC Listed as an Ancillary Device.

annunciator fire alarm secutron
Annunciator fire alarm secutron RAXN-LCD

The RAXN-LCD connects to any node to annunciate the full network system. In addition to operating as a remote annunciator, it can also be used as a driver module for standard LED annunciation, graphic drivers programmed different from the main annunciators, programmable switch modules with a unique configuration and fan damper control also with a unique configuration.

annunciator fire alarm secutron
Annunciator fire alarm secutron MR-2605-AT

The MR-2605-T Remote Trouble Unit provides remote trouble annunciation for the MR-2602/5 fire alarm control panels. The MR-2605-AT Remote Trouble and Alarm Unit provides remote trouble annunciation for the MR-2602/5 series fire alarm control panels. A maximum of four MR-2605-T and four MR-2605-AT units can be connected to each control panel.

Annunciator Fire Alarm Secutron apa fungsinya?

Annunciator Fire Alarm Secutron adalah perangkat yang digunakan untuk memantau instalasi fire alarm. Biasanya Annunciator Fire Alarm Secutron diletakkan pada ruang security sebuah bangunan. Fungsi-fungsi standar yang bisa dilakukan announciator antara lain memantau kondisi instalasi, mengetahui jika alarm aktif, dan reset fire alarm. Announciator Fire Alarm Secutron dapat dikoneksikan sampai dengan jarak 2,7 km dari master control panel.

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