Manual Pull Station Notifier.

Spesifikasi Manual Pull Station Notifier

Shipping Weight: 9.6 oz. (272.15 g)
Normal operating voltage: 24 VDC.
Maximum SLC loop voltage: 28.0 VDC.
Maximum SLC standby current: 375 μ
Maximum SLC alarm current: 5 mA.
Temperature Range: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
Relative Humidity: 10% to 93% (noncondensing)
For use indoors in a dry location

manual pull station notifier
Manual Pull Station Notifier NBG-12LX

• Maintenance personnel can open station for inspection and address setting without causing an alarm condition.
• Built-in bicolor LED, which is visible through the handle of the station, flashes in normal operation and latches steady red when in alarm.
• Handle latches in down position and the word “ACTIVATED” appears to clearly indicate the station has been operated.
• Captive screw terminals wire-ready for easy connection to SLC loop (accepts up to 12 AWG/3.25 mm² wire).
• Can be surface mounted (with SB-10 or SB-I/O) or semiflush mounted. Semi-flush mount to a standard single gang, double-gang, or 4″ (10.16 cm) square electrical box.
• Smooth dual-action design.

Fungsi Manual Pull Station Notifier

Manual Pull Station Notifier adalah perangkat dalam instalasi fire alarm yang berfungsi sebagai perangkat input manual yang ditekan oleh orang yang berada di area tersebut saat melihat adanya kebakaran. dari inputan ini makan fire alarm bisa langsung aktif tanpa menunggu detektor yang bekerja. sehingga bisa segera mengambil tindakan untuk memadamkan kebakaran menggunakan alat pemadam api yang tersedia atau melakukan evakuasi diri maupun barang.

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